Hybrid and Flexible ... HyFlex!

HyFlex Design Resources

HyFlex Course Design Theory - read more (download paper describing HyFlex design principles) in continuous development

The HyFlex World blog - thoughts, new ideas, voices of students ... read it here as it develops.


Initial presentation given at Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention 2006 - the beginnings

Other presentations:
  • AECT 2007 - Hybrid Classes with Flexible Participation Options: If you build it, how will they come? - PowerPoint file
    download Proceedings paper
  • EdMEDIA 2007 - Transitioning to an Online World: Using HyFlex Courses to Bridge the Gap - PowerPoint file
    download Proceedings paper
  • SLOAN-C 2007 - Blended Learning for Students with Choice: The Hyflex Course and Design Process: PowerPoint file download
  • NIME 2008 - What is HyFlex? An overview of the HyFlex Course and Design Process - PowerPoint file download

Creating a HyFlex Course (brief, "how-to" design guidance) download


Is Your Course Ready for Online? (not every course should be HyFlex ... should yours?) download


Tips from HyFlex Survivors (students)

HyFlex Tips for Success, by Brian Rayner

10 Do's and Don't of a Hybrid Course, by David Miles

Tips for Participating in Hybrid Classes, by Kate Miffitt


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